Oral Presentation – Maiden Speech

View the PowerPoint presentation for organising the structure of my maiden speech here!


Associated Script

Indigenous flag Acknowledgement of country – Traditional owners of the land; past, present and future
Photo of myself Introduce self to audience:

Where I grew up

Where I went to school

What I enjoyed doing/remember



Work experience

Desire for political role

Use anecdotes

Thanks Extend thanks to parents, sisters, friends, husband, children, mentors, teachers, supporters, etc.
ALP Political Alignment – Extend support to Labor party (ALP)
Key Issue #1 – GKI Resort development project Tourism – GKI Resort

Help with unemployment – use statistics

Key Issue #2 – CQUniversity Education – encourage more to study locally
Key Issue #3 – Roads Roads – improve quality and safety

Mention Mt Archer road (Pilbeam Drive) following Cyclone Marcia

Keppel Map Summarise thanks – especially Keppel electorate

Restate 3 key issues

Call to action – make an impact and leave an impression

Bill Shorten and Brittany Lauga
Bill Shorten (Federal Leader for ALP) and Brittany Lauga (Member for Keppel) Source: The Morning Bulletin, 2015



Ames (2016) suggests that in corporate environments, ‘PowerPoint is arguably the most frequently used presentation software…’ Spernjak (2014) supports this statement, affirming that PowerPoint slides are the most frequently used and discusses their usefulness. As well as being widespread, researchers have discovered that PowerPoint presentations are more interesting than any other form of presentation – especially to university students (de Wet 2006). Using a PowerPoint presentation to plan the maiden speech for assignment two was an effective activity. It was useful to my learning to map out what I need to include in each section of the maiden speech and assisted with researching previous maiden speeches for ideas. I am now confident with referring back to the PowerPoint and associated script as well as using PAIBOC when I go to write my final speech (Ames 2016).


Reference List

Ames, K 2016, COMM12033: Speech and Script Lesson 8: Writing Speech – Speech Writing: study guide, CQUniversity e-courses, https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/pluginfile.php/293243/mod_resource/content/4/COMM12033_Week8_Mod.pdf

de Wet, C F. 2006, ‘Beyond Presentations: Using PowerPoint as an Effective Instructional Tool’, Gifted Child Today, vol. 29, no. 4, pp. 29-39, viewed 9 May 2016, http://eds.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.cqu.edu.au/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?vid=3&sid=daae2c57-9301-473d-b975-8bfbefb892f3%40sessionmgr4001&hid=4111

Spernjak, A. 2014, ‘Usefulness of Prezi and PowerPoint presentation’, 37th International Convention on Information & Communication Technology, pp. 762-764, viewed 9 May 2016, http://ieeexplore.ieee.org.ezproxy.cqu.edu.au/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6859667


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